Michael Dominick
Articulation No. 2 (wax melting)Self Portrait at 252 Broome St., NYCSelf Portrait at 252 Broome St., NYC (detail)104-39 116th St., Queens 104-39 116th St., Queens  (detail)Iron MadonnaUnknown Urban Radiators434 E. 9th St., NYC Our Lady of Carroll Gardens (Aura of the Virgin)300 Meserole St., Brooklyn	32-34 E. 2nd St., NYC Diptych (wall sculpture)UK Radiator Sculpture120 St. Marks Pl., NYC29 Essex St., NYC
Radiator and Heat Generating Sculptures
This series not only re-invents the ready-made genre, but introduces the concept of heat as a formal quality in sculpture making. It illustrates both my desire to champion the genre of object making, including a nod to modernist formalism, as well as a conceptual yearning for introducing notions of de-materialization (the use of heat as a formal element) and object appropiation.

I make all the functional boiler tanks myself by melting down cast iron radiators in a specially designed furnace, usually in front of amazed spectators. The resulting castings are assembled into the barrel-like forms at the bottom of the compositions. These are filled with water, heated with electricity and the resulting steam fills the radiators that generate heat once again.