Michael Dominick

Past and Present Perfect
The Anita Shapolsky Gallery
152 E 65th St, New York, NY
Opening reception on Tuesday, April 7th 6-8 p.m.
April 7th - June 27th

Work With Me
The Berrie Center for Performing and Visual Arts
Ramapo College
505 Ramapo Valley Rd., Mahwah, NJ
Opening Reception: Wednesday, February 25, 5-7 p.m.
February 25- April 17


Hefestus Iron Pour 2015
at the former Tallix foundry in Beacon, NY
May, 28th 2015

Son of SHAZAM! Manhattan Tour 2015
I've retrofitted my iron melting furnace with a cordless blower and other improvements to make it 100% portable. I will be debuting these refinements on the street of Manhattan this autumn when I make a suite of molten iron paintings named after the intersections the molten iron was applied at.
The Independence Day Molten Iron Performance (a.k.a. Liberty Iron) will be held on the 4th of July preferably on the grounds of Liberty Island in proximity to the Statue of Liberty. The main focus of this event will be the casting of a fifty-one (51) link, 1200 pound unbroken chain - one link for each state plus one more as a symbol of whatever the viewer feels is the "master link" of our American culture and society. The chain will be on public display shortly after completion. I will then cast an additional chain in Cairo, Egypt that will represent the Arab nations. The Arabian Chain will be linked together with the Liberty Chain to create a new work called The Chains of Brotherhood.

The Molten Iron Opera is the first of it's kind. It is the story of an sculptor & object maker, passionate about his beloved discipline, fighting an uphill battle against the powers of the art world. Crooked art dealers, jealous colleagues, mean and spiteful critics are his constant adversaries. During the entire performance the main character will be running an iron furnace in all it's fire breathing glory. The grand finale will be the sculptor's red hot self portrait as it emerges from it's sand mold encasement.

This is not autobiographical, but it is based on some true-ish events.