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I formed the Manhattan Iron Project not so much as a group of artists, but rather, as an ethos of doing things differently. To do something Manhattan Iron Style is to do it your way. To set yourself apart from the crowd. We present our art and art making in a manner that is unlike most others. Things like:

Painting with molten iron...Melting 80 gallons of wax off a sculpture at an opening reception...Appropriating heat and the Madonna's aura.

We also fire up our iron melting furnace on the sidewalks of NYC where we give away the products of our labor to those who take the time to watch. But this has little to do with iron and iron casting. It's about the thrill of challenging the status quo.

The first outing of the Manhattan Iron Project was at the infamous Coney Island Mermaid Parade. We gave away 50 free medallions made right there in front of the world famous Nathan's Hot Dogs. michaeldominicksculpture.com/section/38….