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With the Articulation series my radiator sculptures are encased in an eighty-gallon block of wax creating a completely new form for the work. The process of the sculpture heating up and melting away this wax activates the piece. This is as unpredictable as it is morphing. No two melting’s can possibly be identical. Each moment creates a unique and exclusive expression.

The final object - after the wax has cooled - although static and unchanging in form, retains the qualities of its making. The twisted, torn and melted pools of wax are both a testimony and response to the work’s chaotic birth. The image of the wax encasement melting away creates a visual articulation of the sculpture’s radiating heat.

It is through the process of viewing the wax as it births and decays, entwined in fate with its iron cause, that one fully experiences the work.

The work is purchesed with the block of wax whole. After it is melted off a $4000.00 artist fee plus freight charges will be assesed to reconstitute and recreate the wax block in my studio.

Articulation No. 2 (wax melting)
Articulation No. 2 (wax melting)
cast iron, steel, steam heat, wax
77” x 60” x 60”