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This excerpt is from Ginger Danto's review of the group exhibit "3000 Degrees" at Paul Rodgers 9W. Here she metions the earliest, original intent of the series:

"A summer show with the title "3000 Degrees" would suggest a note of humor might be found among the works on view. The temperature outside the gallery, after all, felt hot enough for iron to melt - the inspiration for the theme differently addressed by for conceptually oriented artists.

The most literal, but not necessarilly funniest, variation was Michael Dominick's "Composition No.2 with Virgin". A chapel of three active radiators surrounding an indigo metal Madonna gave off so much heat that viewers were not allowed into the gallery space. While considerate, this safety measure did limit the esthetic experience of the imposing installation, composed of found parts and originally conceived to serve the homeless wintering in Manhattan's Tompkins Square Park..."

ARTnews - "3000 Degrees"
ARTnews - "3000 Degrees"
October 2002