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This illustration of my solo exhibition Transfigurations appeared in the New Yorker. I was honored to be in an issue with Picasso's "Guernica" on the cover.

In early February of 2003 U.N. officials hung a blue curtain over a tapestry reproduction of "Guernica" at the entrance of the U.N. Security Council. Officials thought it would be inappropriate for Colin Powell to speak about war in Iraq with the 20th century's most iconic protest against the inhumanity of war as his backdrop.

To twist an old axiom, those who ignore the horrors of history (or cover them up) are doomed to repeat them.

My first solo exhibition was well received and well documented.

New Yorker - "Transfigurations" (illustration)
New Yorker - "Transfigurations" (illustration)
March 17, 2003