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The radiators were actually scaveneged from my apartment at 252 Broome St., NYC (my landlord was kind enough to let me replace them with other radiators). Two rooms in the apartment were without heat from January through March that year. The self portrait bust, the original pattern taken from a plaster mold off my face, was transformed into a radiator by adding an air vent to the back of my head and a radiator valve just under my chest cavity. The steam fills up my head and the resulting heat is the physical manifestation of the aura of the artist.

Requires 208 volt x 20 amp electrical service and aproximately 2 gallons of water to generate heat.

Self Portrait at 252 Broome St., NYC
Self Portrait at 252 Broome St., NYC
cast iron, steel, steam heat, bronze
76" x 36" x 21"