Michael Dominick
Tapping the FurnacePouring the First MoldClose Up!First Look at the MedallionsFull FrontalReady to QuenchNice ViewQuencherBreaking Off the MedallionsPick Me! Pick Me!Eldorado Medallion with PolicePoliceThe CrewKing Neptune
Mermaid Iron 2006
This was one of the greatest times I have ever had. And it will never happen again. We, the Manhattan Iron Project, were entered into the Coney Island Mermaid Parade. The plan was to cast some souvenir medallions out of the back of a pick-up truck as we moved along the parade route. The medallions would be quenched in ice water and handed out to the crowd.

The torrential downpours earlier in the day and horrendous traffic resulted in a very tardy arrival on our part. We basically got there as the parade was ending. One of the crew, Rob Modaferri, suggested we stay the course and figure out a way to fire up the mini-furnace welded down to Josh's pick-up. In an hour we were setting up our operation RIGHT IN FRONT OF NATHAN'S FAMOUS HOT DOG STAND! It didn't really matter that we were all completely saturated with rain water because as soon as we started the furnace it stoopped raining. We poured off 80% of the medallion molds before the police shut us down due to a rapidly growing, mostly intoxicated crowd of amazed spectators. They eagerly accepted the medallions like they were $100 bills.

The images were taken by Black Lab Studios. They are not for sale here.