Michael Dominick
January, 2014January, 2014 (workbench 001)January, 2014 (workbench 002)October, 2013 (before Gowanus Open Studios)Robert Modaferri at WorkWest wall at 94 9th St.Rear Wall at 94 9th St. (with drying shirt on fan)2012-2-202012-6-32012-5-19Texas Firehouse No. 12011-5-142011-5-22011-5-2 with Texas Firehouse Diptych2011-5-2 Wall of Fame2011-4-112010-11-22010-10-22010-10-2 with view of rear wall2010-5-1 with "Dragon's Breath"
Studio Images
Since moving to NYC on July 4th, 1998 I have had 5 studios. These images are of (1) my current atelier at 94 9th street in the Gowanus section of Brooklyn and (2) the Texas Firehouse at 36-29 Vernon Blvd in Long Island City, Queens.