Michael Dominick
Village Voice - "Memory Fountain" (Best in Show)
January 10th, 2007
This is R.C. Baker's "Best In Show" review of my installation at Black & White Gallery:

"Clocks with no hands are mounted on the walls; a yard-wide rusty bowl embossed with the word "Memory" sits above a propane flame as water dripping from it instantly hisses away as steam; a tall iron forge hulks in the far corner. Dominick's Memory Fountain turns the gallery's broad cement courtyard into a 3-D version of some depopulated plaza out of a surrealist painting. The gray cinder-block surroundings and the heap of fine ash under the forge (left over from the opening's iron pouring performance) combine with the steam, wintry sun, and shifting clouds to evoke the shimmering, elusive contours of some fading recollection."
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